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do you sometimes struggle to fully recognize and harness the immense power within you?


to balance your work commitments with your desire to spend more quality time with your family and friends, all while pursuing your personal interests?

Do you aspire to...

create a more significant impact and elevate your life to new heights?

ARE YOU feeling scared...

( or maybe a little intimidated) about going for what you are really want next in your life ( no matter if you call it a hope, dream, desire or goal) ?

For sure...

 you don’t need a coach!

 … but somehow you are craving for something more, right? So why not spend some more time on this page and get a glimps of how I might be able to help you… won’t hurt (right?)… but might help figuring out if you and I should have a conversation…

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When Gifts Become Challenges

The single biggest challenge you face as a high-achiever is that your game is so much bigger than that of anyone around you. You play at a level at which most people cannot even see how much you are holding back from what is possible.  

How to give away your personal power

Ever felt like life’s reins are slipping through your fingers? Well, that’s where this story of reclaiming personal power begins. From an intriguing conversation came insights on unraveling patterns that hold us back. It’s like piecing together a puzzle of resistance. But remember, life’s too short not to find humor in complexities.

The simple, yet paradox truth about success is that everything you have done to get you to your current level of success is holding you back from your next level of life.

Hello! This is me, Mrs. Bimako.

Ever felt there’s more to you than meets the eye? That you’re holding back, not just in your career, but in life? I understand. I’ve faced personal struggles, from loneliness to life-threatening challenges. Success isn’t just business—it’s about embracing every facet of your journey. Curious to know more? 

How to work with me

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Ready to think differently, challenge the status quo, be unorthodox & transform the 'impossible' into your new reality?


If the challenges you face are wrapped up in your gifts, this is the right place for you to be!

Stormriders Project

Kick stress to the curb and make way for your very best version to rise.

But ! don't listen to me ...
... Find out what my formal clients say about their Coaching Journey with me instead

Before teaming up with Mrs. Bimako, I was struggling to find a balance between my job and my personal life. Her coaching has truly been a game-changer, helping me tackle stress and time management in a down-to-earth way. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve managed to strike a healthy work-life balance, and now, as both a dedicated business owner and a loving father, I can excel in my career and cherish precious moments with my family

Seth k.

Honestly, I was so skeptical about taking the step to invest in coaching, especially as a struggling female solopreneur in my late twenties. However, making that decision turned out to be the most transformative choice I’ve ever made. Your expertise and unwavering support were like a guiding light through challenges I had thought were impossible to conquer. Looking back, I can confidently say that every penny I invested in this coaching was beyond worth it.

Lily W.

When my last child left home, I felt a mix of emotions – relief, sadness, and uncertainty. Mrs. Bimako was my guiding light during this change. With her coaching, I transformed emptiness into excitement for what’s next. I’ve reinvented my life, started new projects, and rekindled my relationship with my partner. I’m truly grateful for her wisdom and support in finding fulfillment after my kids moved out.

MirA O.

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