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Ever felt there’s more to you than meets the eye? That you’re holding back, not just in your career, but in life? I understand.

You know, the simple, yet paradoxical truth about success is that everything you have done to get you to your current level of success is holding you back from your next level of life… and I’ve been there.

I’ve faced personal struggles, from moments of deep loneliness to overcoming life-threatening challenges. And through it all, I’ve learned that success isn’t just about business—it’s about embracing every facet of your journey.

How about you?

What people sees...

Birgit ( known as Mrs.Bimako) is the woman behind
She has a background in psychology and psychotherapy.
Behind her back, clients call her the "Mary Poppins of coaching" and Her clients are highly impressed by her uncanny ability to turn chaos into clarity and unlock their untapped potential.
As the founder of, Birgit has crafted a sanctuary for those seeking profound personal growth, a safe haven where life's challenges are embraced as opportunities for real change.
✨ Her approach is a fusion of deep psychological insights and practical wisdom, backed by years of professional experience, both intimate and challenging, pushing clients to step into their discomfort zones and break through self-imposed limitations.
✨ Known for her ability to ask powerful questions and provoke deep insights, Mrs.Bimako is seen as a catalyst for profound personal and professional growth. Her clients often highlight her unique blend of wisdom, empathy, and unapologetic honesty that guides them to achieve exceptional results and create lives that align with their true values and aspirations.

... and here's my "real" bio :


Have you ever heard people say things about you that make you wonder, ‘Is this really me?‘… Yes, that’s me too. After all, sometimes I still find myself wondering about who people are talking about in the section above. 

Here’s even more: For most of my life, I wasn’t necessarily lonely, but I often felt profoundly alone. 

Picture this: You’re like an intensely bright spark that learned to dim its own light at a young age – yes, that was me too.

Disapproval doesn’t scare me because I know how powerful I am even at my darkest, weakest times.

But I don’t wanna be fake with you… there’s even more. Actually I’ve been assaulted… fired… struggled financially… lost loved ones… and in 2015 I faced a life threatening disease that forced me to rethink life.

But here I am. My real goal is beyond money and recognition – it’s freedom. Freedom for people like you and me to life the live we deserve.

You see… I am a coach, a psychotherapist, a mom, running my own business… and so much more. Yes, I’ve faced many challenges (in life and business)… So I coach people through life-changing experiences. Yes, I’ve been stucked… So I help people to level-up their lives. Because I’ve faced it, worked it and as a result I climped the next level of my life… and the next… and the next…

I’ve worked with quiet a lot of  “people of business” who you wouldn’t think of needing a coach ( hint: there is a big difference between “needing” and “wanting” )… helping them to make achieve the so-called ‘impossible’. 

Also I worked with  musicians, actors, scientists and authors ( hint #2: at the end of the day, even so called famous, rich and successful people are facing the same struggles like you and me ). 

Can you see? My Coaching is not about ME ... it's about YOU

But I see you, still pondering, ‘WHY HER? What sets her apart from others in her field?’ Let’s delve into what truly distinguishes me and my coaching:

Liberating Limiting Beliefs: While many coaches embrace the GROWTH Model, my distinct focus lies in identifying and dismantling limiting beliefs, the very bedrock of personal constraints. I specialize in guiding clients to shed these self-imposed shackles and rewrite their narratives to foster profound transformation.

Science-Infused Strategies: My unwavering commitment to science-based tools, especially those grounded in brain-based approaches, ensures that my coaching is not just practical but deeply rooted in evidence, guaranteeing its effectiveness.

Embracing Transformative Relationships: I am dedicated to crafting deep and transformative coaching partnerships with my clients. I wholeheartedly believe that authentic change blossoms when clients feel seen, supported, and challenged within the cocoon of a trusted coaching alliance.

Provocative Questions and Challenges: The core of my coaching approach revolves around the art of posing powerful questions and encouraging clients to confront their assumptions. This process is a gateway to uncharted territory, where clients push the boundaries of their comfort zones, nurturing expansive personal growth.

Mindset and Mindfulness Mastery: My coaching underscores the vital role of nurturing a positive mindset and the practice of mindfulness. This equips my clients with the tools to overcome limiting beliefs, elevate self-awareness, and foster resilience, equipping them to tackle life’s complexities.

Sustainable Triumph: Rather than myopically chasing external markers of success, I steer my clients towards a path of achieving success that harmonizes with their values. This holistic approach prioritizes their overall well-being.

The Inner Voyage: I am deeply committed to guiding clients in understanding and mastering their inner psychology, emotions, and beliefs. This internal focus often becomes the fulcrum of profound external success.

Purpose and Vision Clarity: My coaching journey is marked by a robust emphasis on helping clients unearth their vision and purpose, both in life and their careers. I provide unwavering support in setting compelling goals and marching forward with purpose.

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery: I passionately nurture personal growth and self-discovery. My clients embark on a voyage to explore their values, kindle their passions, and uncover their deepest desires, ultimately forging paths to more enriching lives.

Balancing Gravity with Levity: Life’s journey is often an arduous one, and I approach my profession with the gravity it deserves. However, I also treasure the liberating force of humor, which not only offers fresh perspectives but also infuses our coaching journey with an engaging rhythm.

Hell Yes! This is indeed a multi-faceted approach, weaving together the threads of evidence-based practices with deep interpersonal connections, self-awareness, and an unwavering focus on lasting metamorphosis. But what truly stirs the embers of curiosity is the ‘WHY’ behind it all: My approach is an ever-evolving symphony, uniquely tailored to the specific and distinctive needs of each client, sowing the seeds for profound and enduring transformations in their personal and professional lives.