6 questions for you

I got it! YOU don’t need help. YOU have a track record of success. You have a bias for action. You live a happy and impactful life. … but also you crave for something more, right? Have a look at the 6 questions below. Might help… won’t hurt! Right?


You’re not afraid to lead. You’re known as a leader (whether as an executive, or as an entrepreneur, or in your family. Or all three)

YES or NO ?

High touch vs high tech

You are willing to put internet marketing to one side, while you create clients one powerful conversation at a time.

YES or NO ?


You’re in business for the long haul. You have the resources so that you don’t “need” new projects, even if you want them

YES or NO ?

Bias for action

When you’re 70% ready, you go. You don’t wait for perfection. You don’t need tons of information before you begin.

YES or NO ?


You’re a risk taker by nature. You’re not afraid to fail or make mistakes. You’re willing to collect NOs

YES or NO ?


You’re a giver. When you join a community, people are grateful you are there.

YES or NO ?

If all six of these are true, then my 360-degree-Concierge-Service is probably your perfect next jump.  

with all my love, B.

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