9 Ways on how to give away your personal power

Have you ever felt like life’s reins are slipping through your fingers?

Not too long ago, I found myself engrossed in a conversation with a remarkable woman. It was during one of those everyday chats, when I casually asked, “How are you?” 

But her response was anything but ordinary. 

She painted a vivid picture, describing how it felt as if life’s reins were slipping through her fingers, evading her grasp. 

Intrigued by her metaphor, I leaned in and inquired, “Teach me! Teach me how to give away my personal power.“


 the most profound insights arise from unexpected moments. 

Let me demystify this for you. Picture this: we take those aspects you’re resisting, the forces that seem to hold you back, and we lay them out, piece by piece. It’s like deciphering a puzzle. 

But no need to take it all so serious – let’s face it, life’s too short not to chuckle at our own complexities. 

But here’s the simple truth: you’re not a mere passenger; you’re the author of your journey… all ways… always!

Now, let’s journey into the heart of the matter. 

Our lovely lady, the protagonist of our tale, arrived at my doorstep with her very own “Perfect System.” 

It was a recipe of sorts, a pattern she unwittingly followed, leading her into the maze of losing her personal power. But here’s the thrilling part – I’m not just telling you her story, I’m revealing the magic wand to reclaiming that power.

So listen, this is a story of  turning struggles into stepping stones, and if you listen closely, I’ll hand you a compass to navigate life with personal power at your side. 

Shall we? 

 1. Tolerate Things You Hate 

A big part of life is putting up with the odd thing we don’t like to make a loved one happy… and there is nothing wrong with that. We all do that. However, constantly engaging in things you hate because you don’t want to speak up IS a problem that will drain your power. Stop tolerate activities or people that you truly hate. Speaking up in this situations.

2. Don’t Speak Up When Something Is Wrong

Sometimes staying quiet to avoid an argument is a strategic move. However, if you find yourself always doing this, you are negating your personal power. Not every battle is worth fighting, but everyone should be comfortable speaking up when their core beliefs are challenged. 

3. Worry About The Opinions Of Others

We all have people in our lives whose feelings we should consider. This includes our closest loved ones, friends, and some other colleagues. However, stop constantly worry about what everyone thinks of you. Worrying too much about the opinions of random people is one of the biggest ways we dilute our personal power. What’s more important: your core values or what someone who doesn’t live your life thinks about you? 

4. Don’t Set Boundaries

After all, „NO“ is a complete sentence. An important part of a fulfilling life is setting healthy boundaries. When you refuse to set boundaries or let people walk all over them, you are giving away your personal power to them. Remember, if people care about you, they will respect your boundaries. 

5. Complain About Other People Too Much

Do you find yourself constantly complaining, gossiping, or talking about other people? This is another great way to you give other people too much control of your personal power. Why would you waste your energy worrying this much about others when you could spend that time on your goals, self-care, or simply enjoying yourself? Tell me

6. Let Others Call The Shots

One of the very best ways to give up your personal power is by letting someone else call all the shots. How can you feel powerful if you never make your own decisions? While staying in the passenger seat might be comfortable, we all need to take the wheel once in a while. 

7. Don’t Listen To Your Gut Feelings

Do you trust yourself? Highly successful people I know have a strong sense of personal power and master decision making on the base of their intuition AND evidence based informations. When you ignore your instinct or intuition, you imply that you don’t trust yourself. Learning to trust your hunches and instincts will help you gain personal power.

8. Change Your Goals Based On Other People’s Opinions

A big aspect of personal power is having goals that you work towards. Your goals should reflect your desires and values. If you allow other people to dictate your goals, are you really living life for yourself? You will have goals that people shrug off as silly or impossible… okay. No one sees what you see even if they see it too. Don’t allow their negativity to rob you of personal power. 

9. Be Hypersensitive To Criticism

No one likes to hear criticism, but if you become an emotional wreck after negative feedback, you give others too much control over you. Criticism is a normal part of life, and you can choose how you react to it. Accept valid criticism and ignore the untrue. 


And there you have it:  The highly effective ways of how to give away your personal power … and  some powerful insights on how to protect your personal power.

But be aware: These steps aren’t meant to merely be read; they re not worth a penny if you don’t take action and implement them into your daily life.

Every choice, every shift, every conscious action propels you toward empowerment. With your hand on the reins, the symphony of your life transforms into a melody of purpose.

with love & respect, Mrs. B.

I am curious: How do YOU master giving away your personal power?  I’d love to hear from you.

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