My personal 5 tips for a great week

Are you in need of some (Monday) motivation?⁠

 Are you perhaps tired, unmotivated and want a few more days of weekend right now?⁠

Take a deep breath… you are not alone on this… it happens to all of us… it happens for me, too!

Take a deep breath now!  Go on reading!⁠ Today I’ll share my own 5 favorite tips that I’ve used the most to overcome my own (Monday) blues and to level up my motivation every time I need to.


Yes, this is the simplest but also most powerful habit that I use to find or level-up my motivation. 

I plan in the fun things first into my daily and weekly schedule! 

( e.g. Meeting up with friends for a beer or two at the pub – Taking a long walk in the woods for “mushroom hunting” during this fall season)⁠

This boosts my enthusiasm & my energy and gives me something to look forward… Then I plan in the important work I want and need to get done.⁠

When I have difficulties finding my motivation or when I notice that I lack ideas at any time during week – I like to tap into the energy, enthusiasm and motivation of others.⁠

Studies has proven that “inspiration awakens us to new possibilities and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities.” I especially love the last phrase. 

Can you relate to this, too?⁠

Be creative about “Getting Inspired” and explore what gets you personally motivated and moving in the most powerful way.⁠

⁠Choose an uplifting podcast or audiobook to listen to.⁠
If you are a visual person, read motivating articles or stream motivating videos on Youtube.⁠

It can be so hard to find the motivation – and to keep it up – if you let yourself get distracted. 

Do you know the risk you are taking when letting yourself get distracted? 

The distraction can become so powerful that it leads into procrastinating. ⁠

OR it will drag you down into pessimism!

So reduce those common daily distractions.

Here’s how to do it… 

Put your smart phone away.

I put it at the other end of our home when I work. Another good way to do this – in for example an office – is to put the phone in silent mode and then in the bottom drawer of the desk in your work space (at least for 30-60 minutes as you focus on one of your most important task).

Close the door.

This will reduce interruptions from colleagues.

If you don’t have a door then consider using headphones while you work for a similar effect (you don’t really have to listen to anything if you find that distracting).

Unsubscribe to  newsletters and social media accounts if necessary.

If it distracts you or drags you down into negativity too often then simply unsubscribe from that newsletter or that social platform. At least try it out for a week and see how being “OFF” affects your motivation, your mindset and your results.

If you still feel like procrastinating or not start moving forward with one of your most important tasks then it is time to take as much pressure off yourself as you can!

Actually, that’s what tends to work  best for me and helps me the most to actually get started and to get things done when I am in that headspace (rather than beating myself up or putting more pressure on myself).

So break your important task down into smaller steps. Then find the first small step you can take to move forward and get started. For me it is usually a step that only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

If that doesn’t get you moving then go even smaller! Find a tiny step you can take for 2 minutes … or simply put on your shoes and clear of your mind with some fresh air!

Be kind to yourself when you stumble (or when things don’t work out as planned).

If you beat yourself up when you make a mistake or when things don’t go as planned then this can quickly kill your motivation for the day or even for the whole week. But you don’t want this to be your story… right?!

But if you are kind to yourself then you can quickly bounce back on track!

So don’t ask yourself “Why did this happen?”.

INSTEAD ask yourself “WHAT can I do to still achieve my goal?

or ask yourself  “How would XY support me and help me in this situation? “

This tends to put me on a healthy, self-kind and effective path of taking small steps forward once again…

Instead of getting me stuck in a downward spiral.

With all my love, Birgit

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