spring clean your life (and why it is the best Thing you can do right now to improve your life)


Finally it is getting warmer and brighter! 

And while temperature is raising and the birds are singing… maybe you are thinking of spring cleaning your house, so things will be FRESH again! 

I do. 

I think it’s a great idea spring cleaning the environment… so why not start to declutter your mind as well? 

Doesn’t that sound like “finally breathing a sigh of relief” and “recharging your batteries” to you? 

Can you imaging being there?
Can you imagine living in that state? 

Maybe your New Years motivation is worn off and all your thinking about is warm weather and the delicious fresh air.  

And I couldn’t agree more!

Spring cleaning your home is pretty straightforward…. But spring cleaning your LIFE? I know you have heard this many times over: decluttering „your stuff” which is no longer relevant to you or doesn’t serve you anymore, can refresh and rejuvenate you! Oh it doesn’t sound like fun, does it? 

But does „carrying that dusty stuff in your mind“ making you feel good? Not me at all! It gives me more of the “getting stuck in that hamster wheel of never ending drama” … and this cannot be a pleasure trip. That’s for sure.

 What about you?

Sometimes life just gets away from us and we can never catch up. 

It’s ok. 

That’s life. 

All we can do is our best and try to uncover some things that may have been buried in the busyness of life. 

I just hope that the following tips are useful for you if you are thinking about refreshing your life! 

You may not know this but you suffer from decision fatigue, every day.  And so do we all ; our entire society. Crazy, isn’t it?

Try and declutter your mental state as much as possible. You will feel much lighter by giving your brain a quick reboot when you feel stressed or stuck can help clear out the backlogs of thoughts in your working memory and leave you with a tidier “mental workspace”!

Take a mindful walk in nature with no podcast, no music, no audio books and definitely no surfing the Net! Bring your attention to what shows up on your walk… and treat yourself a couple of deep breaths. 



Think about where you need to be spending your time and energy. If you are trying to fit everything in, that may be a red flag. 

Schedule in time for yourself and only things that light you up. Everything else is secondary and unimportant.


Think about how your relationships are doing. You may need to end some toxic relationships or get in touch with some old friends. Think about how you could to better prioritize your time for your loved ones. 


You are beautiful and gifted.
You have talents that are so unique to you, show them off! After all, the relationship you have with yourself may ultimately be the one that matters most—it gifts you the resiliency, confidence, kindness, motivation, and love that informs the rest of your life and helps you be the best person you can be.

Take a look at your money coming in and the money going out. 

Are you happy with it? How can you refresh your budget? 


 Do you feel good? 


Switching up what you’ve been eating may help you to feel more energized, lighter, and less fatigued. 

As you’re spring cleaning your home, start getting rid of the things that just collect dust. 

You know that junk drawer you hate opening? Start pitching! 

You know that song, don’t you? 

The one that when it comes on you just feel like you are on top of the world and you can do anything? Have it ready to play at a moment’s notice to get you through difficult times. 

Stop holding onto things hoping you will fit into them. It only create negative energy and thoughts about yourself. Keep only clothes that fit you nicely in your closet. 

You won’t regret it! If you’re new to the idea of a casual wardrobe, let me explain. A casual wardrobe is a small collection of clothes you LOVE, that look and feel great on, and you can mix and match to make many outfit combinations. 

Many people worry such a casual wardrobe will feel restrictive. But what I love about it is how much freedom it gives you. In my experience, dressing from a capsule wardrobe is awesome


Where do you want your life to be in 1, 3, 10 years from now? 

Did you know, that your higher purpose (and therefore your BIG PICTURE)  is linked to your joy! Write down 3 activities which bring you joy and can make a positive impact  to the people around you & the world.

Ask yourself: What do I need to do to get there? 

Today is time for you to feel optimistic & inspired about your goals.

Choose an uplifting podcast or audiobook to listen to. If you are a visual person, read motivating articles or stream motivating videos on Youtube. It is best if you can make this a daily habit!

Not just your home, but your car, your work desk, any place you spend your time. 

Making the effort to declutter and organize your “spaces” can save you tons of time looking for or replacing lost items in the future and this makes you more productive, while the cleaning process itself can increase energy levels!

PS: Learn to let go. If you haven’t used something since the last spring clean, it might be time to say goodbye…

Get back to the root of what makes you well …you! 

Ask yourself what values represent your primary way of being? Write down your top 6. Go across all the words you chose until you settle with the final 3!            

How can you be more congruent with your core values and the way you show up in the world?


How are things going?

 What can you do better moving forward?

 What do you need to let go of? 

Your mindset is key to everything!                                                                                         It affects not only your daily life but also the lives of others around you. Make sure to check in with yourself and see how you could improve how you react to situations. 

Now is the best time ever to think about your day to day and maybe try a new way of doing things. 

Life is a series of routines: they help us function against the chaos of the world and of our minds. They give us extra control and discipline and therefore safety! And there is nothing wrong wrong with wanting to feel safe… until safety gets in the way of your potential. 

 So today change some of your routines… do things differently and have a look for what shows up.


Want to learn a new language or start practicing yoga or painting? Do it! 

Trying new things not only helps us overcome fears, but also allows us to broaden our horizons and learn – both about the new thing and about ourselves. And nothing compares to the thrill of a new experience – and nothing is as memorable.

Clear out everything that’s clutter or contributing to negative thoughts in your life. Everything on your phone, tablet, computer, and your social media. Clear out apps, contacts/people, photos, etc. Unfriend, unfollow, and unlike pages and people that are negative. Fill your social media feeds with positive people and businesses that bring you light and love! 


Unsubscribe to TV channels, magazines, mail, emails, etc that are no longer serving you.

This may be best to keep as the last thing you do to spring clean your life.  

Get back to you. Re-connect with your true YOU. 

Does these tips sound useful for you about the spring cleaning idea? 
What do you do to spring clean your life? 
Please let me know. 
What makes you feel better and refreshed for this beautiful time of the year? 

Do you want to get out of the winter slump?

Do you want to become calmer and more focused?

Would you like to gain a more positive attitude and a beneficial, productive and  future-oriented mindset?

If this sounds like you… than you should probably join my 


A little spring cleaning will increases your productivity, your health and your  mood  & it will reduces stress and helps you focus!

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Let’s do this together and Spring Clean OUR Lives!

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